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09/21/2017 Clinic Nursing Assistant, FT, Greenville Clinic Nursing Assistant 9.2017 Medical Assistant
09/21/2017 Clinic Nursing Assistant, temp Clinic Nursing Assistant 09.2017 Medical Assistant
09/21/2017 Accounts Payable Specialist, FT Accounts Payable Specialist 09.2017 Accountant
09/06/2017 Clinic Nursing Manager, FT exempt Clinic Nursing Manager, FT 9.17 Nurse Admin/Manager
08/30/2017 Environmental Services Technician (Hskpg), LPT Environ Svcs Tech 08.17 Entry Level
08/18/2017 Health Information Management (HIM) Manager,FT HIM Manager,FT 8.2017 Manager Level
08/17/2017 Certified Laboratory Assistant, FT Laboratory Assistant, FT 8.2017 Assistant
08/08/2017 CNA, Unit Secretary, FT 8.2017 days CNA, Unit Secretary FT 8.2017 LPN/LVN
07/28/2017 Human Resources Assistant - FT Human Resources Assistant 7.17 Assistant
07/27/2017 Patient Admissions Representative, FT Nights 7.17 Patient Admissions Rep, FT - Nights Patient Accounting/Registration
07/13/2017 Certified Laboratory Assistant, LPT Laboratory Assistant, LPT 7.2017 Assistant
07/11/2017 Dietary Aide, LPT Dietary Aide 7.2017 Support Staff
04/20/2017 Laboratory Manager, Interim Laboratory Manager, Interim 9.2017 Director Level
01/27/2017 ER RN, FT Day/Night Shift ER RN, FT Registered Nurse
10/05/2016 Laboratory Manager, FT exempt Laboratory Manager 09.17 Director Level
03/03/2016 Med-Surg RN, PD (Variable Shifts) Med-Surg RN , PD 03.16 Registered Nurse
03/03/2016 Labor & Delivery RN, PD L&D RN PD 03.2016 Registered Nurse
12/17/2015 Med-Surg RN, FT, Night Shift Med-Surg RN , FT 12.15 Registered Nurse
12/08/2015 ER RN, PD (Variable Shifts) ER RN, PD 12.15 Registered Nurse
10/20/2015 Clinical Lab Scientist, PT Clinical Lab Scientist 7.15 Clinical Lab Scientist
10/20/2015 Clinical Lab Scientist, LPT Clinical Lab Scientist 7.15 Clinical Lab Scientist
10/20/2015 Clinical Lab Scientist, FT Clinical Lab Scientist 7.15 Clinical Lab Scientist

Your Results: 1—22 of 22  


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